Q: How can the Constitution be amended?

My answer: The Constitution comes along with an amendment that may be introduced by congress. The way that an amendment could be proposed is if there are two-thirds votes from each house of representatives. The houses are senate or constitution convention and the representatives. It has to be approved by legislature in a three-fourths vote by state conventions.

Will someone help me reword this? I know it's correct but I just need to fix the wording. I just don't like how I did it but I don't know any other way to do it.

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  1. Hmm. It doesn't need rewording to me keep up the good work cat.exe I'm sure if you use grammarly that would help out.

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  2. Yeah, Grammarly is a good option

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  3. yea

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  4. Yeah, it sounds well written to me. However, I would recommend that you read it out loud to some one so you can see if it sounds okay to you. After all, the teacher is grading your answer based off of your best and detailed answer.

    - Lady Jiskha

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  5. Also, I agree with you also using the source "grammerly". :)

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  6. can i copy and paste this?

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  7. He just said he knows it correct,but how can I reword it

    How much of that didn't you understand?""You don't know me""

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  8. Come check out my website. All you have to do is type in the search bar
    Please follow and comment. Thx!

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