life orientation

describe any six risky situations young people are frequently exposed to.

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  2. Describe any six risky situation young people are frequently exposed to

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  3. 1.road use
    2.unprotected sex

    substance abuses

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  4. I what do a research project

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  5. situation of risky

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  6. Describe any Six situation youth are frequently exposed to

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  7. 1. Unprotected mdavazo
    2. Smoking zolo and cat
    3. Drinking mbombi
    4. After school is Afterschool
    5. Stealing I kaar ka malady
    6. Skeeming ama tsotsi angana future

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  8. Unprotected sex
    Strong addiction of drugs

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  9. Describe any 6 risky situation youth's are frequently exposed to

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  10. 1. Substance abuse
    2. Smoking
    3. Crime
    4. Bunking school
    5. Stealing
    6. Violent acts

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  11. Ricky of pregnancy
    Teenage suicides

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