3. How does the study of science benefit society?
A. Non scientists in society often use the same experiments conducted by scientists in the laboratory.
B. The study of science helps slow down a fast paced society.
C. The study of science keeps more people employed than any other industry.
D.The knowledge gained by studying science is often used to address the practical problems of society.

4.Pharmacists are experts on medication. Which branches of science do pharmacists need knowledge of to do their job properly?
A. Physics and chemistry.
B. Biology and chemistry.
C. Chemistry and geology.
D. Physics and computer Science.

5.Justin wants to be the captain of an aircraft carrier when he gets out of school. Which subjects should Justin study to help him prepare for this career?
A. biomedical science and meteorology
B.oceanography and paleontology
C. Chemistry and Biology.
D. Physics and Computer Science.

My answers: The first one is D. The second one is B. The third one is B.

Could you please check my answers and see if i am correct? Thanks!

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  1. My answers:
    The first one is D. - yes
    The second one is B. - yes
    The third one is B. - no

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  2. The last one is either D or A. I think it is D though.

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  3. Am i correct?

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  4. Yes, the last one is D.

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  5. Thank you very much for your help! I appreciate it very much. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

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  6. You are welcome - and thank you. You, too.

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  7. The correct answers a
    1. c
    2. a
    3. d
    4. b
    5. d

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  8. Thanks 7 dream kid!

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  9. Post by 7Dream Kid are all correct. 100%

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