Jovanna gives a walking tour of a popular tourist city to one person for $31. To increase her business, she would lower the price by $2 per person for each additional person. Write the cost per person c as a function of the number of people n on the tour. How much does she make for a tour with 16 people?
Write the cost per person c as a function of the number of people n on the tour.

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  1. (n,c) ... (1,31)

    cost per person (c) decreases by $2 for each additional person ... slope

    c = - [2 (n - 1)] + 31

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  2. n = 16 people.
    C = 31- 2(n-1) = 31 - 2(16-1) = 31 - 30 = $1.00 per person.
    16 * 1 = $16. = Amt. made.

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