Which accurately describe the causes of the contentious relationship between President Truman and General MacArthur? (Select all that apply.)
a. Truman favored a containment policy on Communism, while MacArthur wanted to pursue the Communist forces into the Chinese mainland.
b. MacArthur had designs on the vice presidency under FDR and held Truman in contempt for having attained the position he coveted.
c. Truman inherited MacArthur on becoming president and disliked the fact that the commander of his army in Korea was no friend of his.
d. MacArthur publicly spoke out against Truman in speeches and on the radio although Truman repeatedly told MacArthur to keep quiet.
e. MacArthur disregarded Truman’s orders and crossed the 38th parallel into North Korea, engaging the Chinese in combat and enraging Truman.
A, C, and D?

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  1. I'm having trouble with this one

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  2. i just wanted to say i was looking for an answer on connexus and i found your thread about it and decided to read your threads and found this so hi

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  3. For people in the future with this question the answers are D and E.

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  4. dank u

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