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I need help can someone help me get unstuck and let me know if i am correct.thank you.

solve by completing the square.

this is what i am doing:

i used the quadratic equation.

so where i am is in this step:

x = (-2 (+-) sqrt (-44))/(8)

from this point i am stuck:

Problem #2

Solve by using the quadratic equation :

this is where i have almost the last step but i am not sure:

x = (4 (+-) sqrt (-4))/(10)
x= (2 +-sqrt )2))/(5)

The first says...complete the square, you did not do that.

4x^2+ 2x = 3
x^2 + 1/2 x = 3/4

Now we add 1/4 to each side
x^2 + 1/2 x + 1/4 = 1
(x+1/2)^2= 1
square root of each side...
x+ 1/2 = +- 1
x= -1/2 +-1

a= 5 b= -4 c= 1

x= (4+-sqrt (16-20) )/10
x= .4 +- 1/10 sqrt-4
x= .4 +- .2i where i is the sqrt-1

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