Which identifies the relationship that Communist governments such as North Korea and China have with the media?

News outlets are strictly prohibited by the government in Communist countries.
The media has near-complete freedom in Communist countries as a result of the advent of the Internet.
Newspapers have complete freedom in Communist countries, but television news is strictly controlled.
Communist governments have implemented varying degrees of censorship of their media.


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  1. No! Please stop guessing!

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  2. D?

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  3. Yes, it's D.

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  4. Why are you on here Ms Sue? You're rude and obviously people come here to get answers. Not get schooled.

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  5. JJ I agree it’s almost like it’s her job. She is incredibly rude and anything but helpful.

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  7. James, your comment makes no sense at all. I can't even make out a single sentence because of the lack of grammar and punctuation. I don't like Ms. Sue either, so don't think I'm taking her side.

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  8. Grace, why does it matter or not if someone spells things correctly or not? Jesus you could read it perfectly fine it's not like we're writing an essay so everything has to be spelled correctly. lmao

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