How to find the enlarged area- Geometry


The original area is 10 inch^2. If the area is enlarged by 120%, what is the new area?

Please help. Thanks.

Ten multiplied by 1.20

No, the answer is 14.4

bobpursley is right,
a 120% increase of 10 inches^2 is 12 inches^2

Perhaps you stated the question incorrectly.
If the original square was 10 by 10 and the SIDE was increased to 12 then the new area would be 144
But that is not what you said.

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asked by Jen
  1. 30m-15m-20m

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    posted by alex
  2. hkhkj

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  3. A 4 by 6 photo is enlarged to 150% of it's original size, what would be its new length and width?

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    posted by Lux
  4. 864

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    posted by Ekea

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