Coin A is tossed three times and coin B is tossed two times. What is the probability that more heads are tossed using coin A than coin B?


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  1. Just counting the heads tossed,
    P(3,2) = 1/8 * 1/4
    P(3,1) = 1/8 * 1/2
    P(3,0) = 1/8 * 1/4
    P(2,1) = 3/8 * 1/2
    P(2,0) = 3/8 * 1/4
    P(1,0) = 3/8 * 1/4
    P(A>B) = ∑P(A,B) = 1/2

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  2. That is correct. Thanks.

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