You have a mean score of 86 on 9 quizzes. The teacher decides to drop your lowest quiz score to determine your final quiz mean. After dropping the lowest score, your mean score on the 8 remaining quizzes is 88. What score was dropped?

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asked by David
  1. let the score that was dropped be x

    total of all the marks on 9 quizzes = 86*9 = 774
    then (774-x)/8 = 88
    solve for x

    (hope you get 70)

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    posted by Reiny
  2. sum/9 = 86
    sum = 9*86 = 774
    (sum - x)/8 = 88
    sum - x = 704
    774 - x = 704
    x = 774 - 704
    x = 70

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    posted by Damon
  3. Giovanni knows that 16/25 of his classmates are females. what percentage of his classmates are females.

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    posted by ff

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