experimental probability

you spin a spinner 50 times. it lands on red 8 times, yellow 12 times, green 20 times, and blue 10 times. based on the results, what is the experimental probility of its landing on green or yellow? thanks

I will be happy to critique your work on this.

i have a different question bobpursley let me know if I'm right.a bag contains 33 green marbles and 25 blue marbles. you select a marble at random from the bag. find the theoretical probability of selecting a blue marble. could the answer be 25/58.

You are right.

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asked by dillon
  1. duh i dunno lol. read your book more...

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  2. A spinner is divided into 8 equal sections. Lara spins the spinner
    120 times. It lands on purple 30 times.
    How many more times does Lara need to spin the spinner and have it
    land on purple for the relative frequency to equal the theoretical

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    posted by maria

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