Physical Science

A 5.0kg textbook is raised a distance of 30.0cm as a student prepares to leave for school. How much work did the student do on the book?

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  1. Work = Force x (Distance raised)

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  2. I need to know what equatios to use!
    (A)How much work is done moving a 2.0Kg book to a shelf 2.00m high? (B) What is the change of potential energy of the book as a result? (C) How much kineetic energy will the book have as it hits the ground when it falls?

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  3. (A) See my previous answer
    (B) It equals the work done raising the book
    (C) Ditto

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  5. to get the force (N) you must multiply 2.0kg*9.81m/s to get the Newtons (Force)then finish the problem

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  6. 3. A 5.0kg textbook is raised a distance of 30.0cm as a student prepares to leave for school. How much work did the student do on the book?

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  7. 1470

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  8. Don't forget to convert the 30 cm into meters. It isnt 1470J. It is 14.70J

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