in a rhombus ring pattern, each rhombus in the last ring has an angle of 20 dgerees and each rhombus in the second last ring has an angle of 60 degrees.
What are the angles in each rhombus in the 3rd last ring?
How many rhombuses are there in the first ring and how many ring are ther in total?

pls help it is urgent

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  1. i thought they said you couldnt contact anyone online....
    i might respond when i get up to that question

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  2. I need help with this too! Pls someone answer quickly.

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  3. Someone answer!!!

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  4. If you give the answer to part b I’ll give you this answer

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  5. The answer is more c is 120 and 60 and six rings and six rhombuses and each

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  6. It’s everyday bro

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  7. Hey i didn't get the answer

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  8. I mean can someone please explain answer. Thanks a lot

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