The ratio of the length to the width of a golden rectangle is (1 + √(5):2:.The dimensions of a garden form a golden rectangle. The width of the garden is 12 feet. Find the length L of the garden. Round your answer to the nearest foot.

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  1. You will be solving for the Length L given the proprotion that has w/L = w/L where the first two numbers come from the golden rectangle
    (1 + √(5)/2 = w/L
    and they give you a width of 12 so put it in, then solve for L : )
    (1 + √(5)/2 = 12/L
    L(1 + √(5)= 12(2)
    L = 24/(1 + √(5)
    L = ...

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  2. Is the answer 19?

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  3. I'm sort of confused...It's multiple choice though...
    A.) 7ft
    B.) 24ft
    C.) 29 ft
    D.) 19 ft

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  4. So sorry Tom...
    I misread the question...
    We need
    L/W = L/W
    (1 + √(5)/2= L/12
    (12)(1 + √(5)=2L
    divide both sides by 2
    6(1 + √(5)= L
    So yes !!
    L = 19.416
    which is letter D : )

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