Alice has $15 more than Barry. Charlene has 5/9 of the amount of Barrys money. If Alice has x dollars, how much money do they have altogether.

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  1. Alice ---- x
    Barry ---- x-15
    Charlene ---- (5/9)(x-15)

    total = x + x-15 + 5x/9 - 25/3
    = 2x + 5x/9 - 70/3
    = 23x/9 - 70/3
    = (23x - 210)/9

    suppose Alice has $45
    then Barry has $30
    Charlene has (5/9)(30) = 50/3
    total = 45+30+50/3 = 275/3

    according to my answer:
    (23*45-210)/9 = 275/3 , I think I am right.

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  2. so is the equation the final answer or is there an answer to that equation.

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