**Spanish ESSAY Questions, I already turned in the test I just wanted someone to tell me their answers so I can see if mine will be correct because the teacher hasn't graded it, thxx <3**
1- Explain the pattern of forming the future tense for the verbs poner, salir, and venir
2- Using Spanish vocabulary, tell three ways that people can help to proteger el medio ambiente.
3- Explain why the expression dudo que takes the subjunctive while no dudo que does oot.
4- Explain why it is bad for the fuentes en la naturaleza to be contaminadas. Use at least two vocabulary words in your response.
5- Explain why the Spanish language is growing in Belize.

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  1. Please be patient. Your teacher's grading will be much more accurate than ours.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. what's the answer plz

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  3. Ms. Sue baby, please just give him the answer, you'll be rewarded wink...

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  4. Ms Sue this question is for everyone and id like to check my answers before submitting them

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