1. Simplify & state any excluded values


2. Simplify & state any excluded values

x² - x - 6
x² + 7x + 10

9. Find the constant of variation, k, for y= –8 when
x = 12.

10. Write an inverse variation to model the situation
and answer the question. Two rectangular fields
have the same area. One measures 75 yd by 60 yd. If
the other has a length of 72 yd, what is its width?.

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  1. For the first one.... if you factor the denominator you will be able to reduce the rational expression. Be certain to state the restrictions on the denominator before you reduce : )

    Similarly for the second one... you must factor the top and bottom, then state restrictions then reduce : )
    = (x-3)(x+2)/ (x+5)(x+2)
    notice the x+2 that can reduce on top and bottom... but first state the restriction on the denominator... that is,
    x+2 can not = 0
    x can not = -2 and
    x + 5 can not = 0
    x can not = -5

    your turn....

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