game wardens use experiments to help determine the number of squirrels in a specific area.
suppose 150 squirrels are caught, tagged, and released back into the wild. Six weeks later, 300 squirrels are caught with 12 found to have tags. using this information, estimate the number of squirrels in the area.
am i correct?

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  1. Not yet...
    If 150 were caught and tagged (then there would be a great many tagged animals out there).
    The next time they checked only 12 had tags... out of the 300 caught.
    So either the squirrels removed their tags (not likely) or... there are a whole lot more squirrels out there.
    12/300 = 150/x
    if you cross multiply you obtain
    12x = (150)(300)
    12x = 45000 now divide both sides by 12 and you have the number of squirrels in the wild at that location : )

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  2. (12/300) * 100% = 4% tagged,
    0.04s = 150,
    S = 3,750 Squirrels, total.

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