1. Why did the U.S. government include a prohibition on slavery in the treaties with Native Americans in Washington Territory?
A. to avoid the controversy of allowing slavery
B. discourage settlers from Southern states from moving to Washington Territory
C. to prevent Native Americans from selling slaves to settlers
D. to prevent the government from promoting slavery in Washington Territory

2. How did the prohibition of slavery in Washington Territory affect
Native Americans?
A. Other Native American tribes moved into the area.
B. Fewer settlers moved onto reservations.
C. Tribal leaders were hanged for slavery.
D. They could no longer have Native American slaves.

3. What was Joseph Lane’s opinion of the Civil War?
A. He was a governor of Oregon who supported the war.
B. He fought for the Confederate Army in the war.
C. He was a Copperhead who opposed the war.
D. He was a major in the Union Army who opposed the war.

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  1. Sorry I forgot to put my answers they are
    1. D
    2. D
    3. A

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  2. Your answers are right.

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    Ms. Sue
  3. she is not right!! the correct answers are


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  4. Those are still wrong

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  5. Machport is right

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  6. ya machport is right i got 3/3

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  7. machport is wrong I got 1/3

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  8. Machport is wrong.

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  9. Sooo for anybody who still needs these here are the answers! I will be posting these on every site I can find that has a unit 5 test question hope this helps! I will also provide the answer not just the letter in case the order is different for you.

    Test taking tip!: If you are not sure of a multiple choice question and you can't find anybody to help you, use the process of imalimation, pick the one that makes the most sense!

    1. How does their sovereign status as nations affect how Native American tribes make treaties?
    B: It enables them to negotiate treaties with the U.S. government.

    2. Why did the United states negotiate treaties with Native Americans?
    B: The U.S. wanted land that Native Americans occupied.

    3. What best describes Isaac Stevens' attitude about Native American land rights in the Pacific Northwest?
    A: Native Americans have no rights to their traditional lands, but will be provided with enough land to live on.

    .4. Which of the following was included in the treaty-making process? Select all that apply.
    D, E: Native Americans gathered in large meetings lasting for days. Stevens gave a speech about the "Great White Father"

    5. Why were tribal leaders in eastern Washington unhappy with the initial treaty requirements?
    A: All Native American tribes in the East were required to move onto one large reservation.

    6. Why was communication a major problem in the treaty-making process?
    A: Information had to be translated from English to Chinook Jargon to the native language.

    7. Why did some settlers oppose treaties that Stevens made with the Native Americans?
    A: they believed Stevens created hostility between Native Americans and settlers through unfair deals.

    8. Why were the events surrounding the arrest and hanging of Leschi so controversial?
    D: In a second trial, Leschi was found guilty on little evidence.

    9. Why was Chief Joseph that most famous tribal leader in the pacific northwest?
    A: It was widely publicized that he outmaneuvered the U.S. Army in a fight for Native American land.

    10. How did the issue of slavery influence the treaty-making process by Isaac Stevens?
    C: His treaties required Native Americans to free all of their slaves.

    11. Why was slavery banned in Washington Territory?
    C: The settlers did not want to establish an economy based on a controversial practice.

    12. How did Father Chirouse plan to make more Native American students learn American culture?
    C: establish boarding schools.

    13. What effect did mission schools have upon Native Americans?
    D: They almost wiped out several native american languages.

    14. Why did people support the General Allotment Act?
    C: They wanted more Native American land for settlers to farm.

    15. How did the Meriam Report pressure President Franklin Roosevelt and the U.S Congress to pass the Indian Reorganization Act?
    C: The report revealed that government policies were actually hurting Native American smore then helping them.

    16. How did the Indian Reorganization Act affect Native Americans living on reservations?
    B: it ended allotment and allowed Native Americans to reorganize their leadership.

    17. In what ways do Native Americans preserve their culture and heritage? Select all that apply.
    A, D: The Canoe Journey. The first Salmon ceremony.

    18. Why was Billy Frank jr. such an important Native American figure?
    D: His actions led to the Fish Wars and the Boldt Decision.

    19. What was the result of the Boldt Decisions?
    A: It allowed Native Americans claim to 50% of fish caught in Washington.

    20. Explain how the discovery of gold influenced events leading up to Chief Joseph's war.
    You'll have to do this on your own, but to help the lesson "Effects of the treaties" page 3 has the information you need. The question is basically just asking for how the people who found gold played a part in starting the war.

    21. Explain how the Catholic mission schools of Father Chirouse negatively impacted native americans.
    The lesson "The reservation period" Should help you answer this question. Think how the mission schools erased part of native american culture.

    Hope this helps I wonder how long they'll have the same test up. Good luck in your future. I wish you a good day.

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  10. Machport is right if your on pearson

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  11. Um Fed and anonymous Marchport is right I got 100% quit misleading people I almost flunked the test I trusted Marchport and I got it right so it is...


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  12. B

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