A good estimation for planning on purposes is to figure on ________ of your gross income to be realized income.

65% ***



If I was told that I would be making $40,000/year, would I need to multiply or divide by the percentage from the first question to find what the realized income would be?


Divide ***

You are working a new job and make $11.25/hr for 28 hours each week.  What is your expected realized income if you are a bi-weekly employee?


$441.00 ***


You are looking for a new job, but you know that you need $395 every week to pay all of your bills.  What minimum hourly wage should you be looking for if you can work 35 hours each week?


$11.29/hr ***


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  1. What is a bi-weekly employee?

    Your first and last answers are right.

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    Ms. Sue

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