Pls help me. Explain the following a. When methylated spirit is poured on the skin, it has cooling effect, b. A piece of ice at 0 degree Celsius cools a drink more effectively than the same mass of cold water at 0 degree Celsius, c
Ice floats on water, d. Moisture is deposited on the outside of a glass bottle containing very cold water, e. An earthen pot is better than a glass pot for storing cold drinking water in hot climate, f. A thin wire with heavy weights attached to its ends can cut through an ice block without breaking it,g. A pressure cooker boils food more quickly than an ordinary pot

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  1. alcohol evaporates fast. Heat of vaporization comes from skin

    ice absorbs heat to melt (heat of fusion)

    water expands when it forms into ice . Same mass, bigger volume --->less density than water

    cold spot condenses water from air because cold air holds less water (humidity) than warm air

    earth conducts heat much more slowly than glass

    melting temp goes down with pressure. thin wire and large force make pressure on ice.

    boiling point of water higher under pressure, thus water in pot does not boil until pressure is higher than outside in pressure cooker. Thus water in there is hotter and cooks food faster

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