1. Choose two animals with different speeds. You can choose from the chart that starts at the bottom of this page or do research to choose your own.
2. Design a fair race in which the two animals have an equal chance of winning if they race at their top speed. Here are a few tips for your design:
a. The race is fair if the two animals could finish the race in the same amount of time.
b. You can give the slower animal a shorter distance to race.
c. Since this is a video game, the race does not need to be realistic—it can be any length, and the animals can run at a constant speed.
3. Write a system of two linear equations showing the distance each animal can travel to model the fair race. Be sure to define all variables.
4. Graph the system to prove that the two animals have an equal chance of winning the race. Explain how the graph proves the race is fair.
Your equations, graph, and explanation for your race design will be submitted.

Animal | Speed(mph)
cheetah | 70
lion | 50
coyote | 43
rabbit | 35
kangaroo | 30
squirrel | 12
chicken | 9
antelope | 61
elk | 45
ostrich | 40
giraffe | 32
elephant | 25
pig | 11
mouse | 8

I have chose my two animals which are the pig and the squirrel, but I don't how to draw the graph or equation. Please help and explain cause I don't get it

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  1. The pig travels 11miles per hour. If you do a distance time graph. Thus the time goes along the x-axis and the distance goes up the y-axis.
    So for the pig you would plot the points (1,11) then (2,22) then (3,33) etc.
    The equation is in the form y=mx+b where b is the base value (where the graph crosses the y-axis) and m is the slope : )
    How is this for a start??

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  2. Very good! Thank u so much!!! This really confused me but I think I get it now! Thx again! :)

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  3. I need the same thing but with the Coyote and the Ostrich

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