What is the lateral surface area of the cylinder?
A.12 pi cm
B.18 pi cm
C.216 pi cm
D.288 pi cm

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  1. circumference * height
    pi d h

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  2. A=2πrh

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    Ms. Sue
  3. Visualize opening up the cylinder, you would see:
    2 circles + 1 rectangle

    SA = 2π r^2 + (2πr)(h)
    = .....

    you have all the values, if diameter = 12 , r = 6

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  4. I didn't consider that "lateral" could exclude the 2 circles.

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  5. Would the answer be C then?

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  6. I thought that is why they said lateral :)

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  7. 216 pie cm^2

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