A printer takes 50 minutes to print a total of 1200 identical black-and-white posters and 500 identical coloured posters. The same printer takes 1 hour to print 2400 such black-and-white posters. How many such coloured posters can the same printer print in 1 hour?

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  1. Do you usually set up two equations in two unknowns for this ? Or work at it with proportional reasoning? Both methods are valid : )

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  2. (1200/2400) * 1h = 0.5h = 30 min. to print 1200 black-and -white posters,
    50 - 30 = 20 min. to print 500 colored posters,
    (60min/20min) * 500 = 1500 colored posters in 1 hour.

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