When scientists present research findings to the general public, what should they do?
(Select all that apply)

publish in scientific journals

make sure the information is very specific and detailed

avoid technical jargon as much as possible

use interesting metaphors or stories


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  1. I disagree with B.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. General Public
    Publications intended for the general public usually have a less formal structure. This is because the audience is not trained in scientific methods and might not be familiar with the topics presented. These publications must be interesting and relevant, and they must not contain highly technical jargon. Eliminating technical jargon is a difficult process because care must be taken to remove just the right amount without compromising the exact nature of what the research discovered. The writer must also know what level of knowledge the readers have and—when possible—use interesting metaphors, stories, and even games to improve comprehension.
    Writers or journalists, rather than the scientists themselves, often create these publications. This is because they are more familiar with writing for a general audience. In making findings clear or more exciting or in trying to provide a balanced view of a topic, there is a risk of embellishing findings or presenting bias. These professionals must therefore take care in how they communicate their material.

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