Texas History

Check my answers?

Which of the following shows the influence of the U.S. Constitution on the Texas Constitution?

A. the executive branch has the most power
B. existence of a bill of rights **
C. provisions promoting legislative over judicial power
D. slavery is addressed as a topic

What was the framers' goal for both the Texas and United States Constitutions? select all that apply.

A. create a fair and just government**
B. give power to the people and laws**
C. set themselves apart from the British
D. limit the rights of its citizens

which ideas do the U.S. constitution and the Texas constitution of 1845 share?

A. both provide a separation of government into three branches**
B. both are very specific on the issue of slavery
C. both give the most prominent role to the legislature
D. both give exclusive law-making power to the courts

4. Which of the following statements apply to both the constitution of 1845 and the constitution of 1876? select all that apply
A. they abolished slavery
B. they called for three branches of government
C. they included a bill of rights**
D. they greatly limited executive power**
E. they protected slavery

What does the constitution of 1876 share in common with U.S. constitution? select all that apply

A. a bill of rights**
B. executive power to fire previously appointed officials
C. protections for slavery
D. separation of power between three branches of government**
E. strong executive powers

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  1. I agree.

  2. They are all correct? I need to pass this..

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  3. If you don't trust bobpursley, check your text.

  4. I only got one wrong, thanks.

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  5. The Answers are
    1. B.
    2. A,B.
    3. A
    4. C, B.
    5. A, D.

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  6. The answer to number for is c,b. I got that one wrong. Besides that the rest were right. Dont look at the little marks that are next to the answers. The look like this *. I looked at it and it said that for D, so i thought it was right but it was wrong.

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  7. Fellow friend is right

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  8. Or you could use your study guide instead of cheating.

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  9. Number 5 is a, c
    If your in texas connections academy

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  10. @wow
    They weren't cheating, they literally just asked if their answers were right. At least they tried.

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  11. Thx Fellow Friend. I got 100%

  12. Fellow friends the last one is A,C
    other then that all of them is right

    Follw me on Instagram @steadbabychase

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  13. ^^


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  14. unit 5 lesson 1 answers for me are different for some reason.
    I don't know why mine were different.

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  15. on question 4 and 5 there are 5 choices

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  16. yea that is weird

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  17. @wow you should be quiet because if you view this as cheating then why are you here

    But thanks for the answers guys/girls idk

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  18. I just took the quick check. On question 5 it’s A. D.
    Thank you!!

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  19. press the name :)

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  21. ok but who asked

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