okay so i really need help please help i dont understand how to do this ive asked my teacher and i still dont understand is there an easier way to do this to where i could understand? Brayden, Howard, and Vincent are on the football team. During a game, Brayden gains 1 less than 5 times the average number of yards gained per play during the game. Howard runs for 1 more than 5 times the average number of yards gained per play during the game. Vincent runs for 5 more than 4 times the average number of yards gained per play during the game.

In this activity, you will write equations to describe this situation and determine whether the equations have one solution, no solution, or infinitely many solutions.

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  1. B = 5 a - 1

    H = 5 a + 1

    V = 4 a + 5

    there is not enough information to determine (a) , so there are an infinite number of solutions

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  2. Write an equation to find the average number of yards gained per play if Brayden and Howard gained the same number of yards.

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  3. this is a good answer thank you so much Michael and scott

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