Which options accurately describe the actions by individual leaders that shaped the Korean conflict?
(select all that apply)

a. Stalin was opposed to getting the Soviets involved in a military dispute with the United States and its allies so soon after WWII.

b. MacArthur's arrogance and unwillingness to follow orders created friction with Truman that led to MacArthur's dismissal.

c. Truman used the UN's involvement to carry out his anti-Communist agenda without officially declaring war on North Korea.

d. Kim Il- Sung used position as leader of North Korea to establish a socialist state allied with the Soviet Union and China.

e. Mao was eager to become embroiled in a war with the United States to gain credibility and respect for poorly regarded China.

b, c, and d?

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  1. I agree.

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  2. The correct answer would be B,C, and D

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  3. These are actually wrong, i put them on an assignment and got them wrong

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  4. follow my tiktok it's the same name that commented this

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  5. so whats the answer

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