2(0.5-3y) + y > (4y-0.2)8

I understand how to solve the problem, but my final answer was y < -17/155, which I have a strange feeling isn't right. Maybe I tripped up somewhere. Here's my work:

After distributing:

+6 to each side

1 +y > 32y + 4.4
-1 to both sides

y > 32y + 3.4
-32y to both sides

-31y > 3.4
divide both sides by -31

And I got the answer y < -17/155

Do you know where I messed up?

Thanks so much!

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asked by Faith
  1. You made a mistake in your first line, left side.
    1 - 6y + y > 16y -1.6
    Combine constants on one side and y-terms on the other.
    2.6 > 21 y
    y < 2.6/21 = 13/105

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    posted by drwls
  2. How did you get 16y instead of 32y? 8 times 4 is 32...


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    posted by Faith

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