Match the kingdom with the correct classification scheme.

Eukaryotic, unicellular or multicellular, autotrophic or heterotrophic organisms lacking tissue specilization[B]

Prokaryotic, unicellular, autotrophic &/or heterotrophic, harsh enviroment, no peptidoglycan[C]

Eukaryotic, multicellular, heterotrophic organisms[F]

Eukaryotic, multicellular, autotrophic organisms[E]

Prokaryotic, unicellular, autotrophic &/or heterotrophic, with peptidoglycan and lives everywhere![A]

Eukaryotic, unicellular or multicellular, heterotrophic [D]

a. animalia
b. archaebacteria
c. eubacteria
d. fungi
e. plantae
f. protista

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asked by Geno
  1. Prokaryotic, unicellular, autotrophic &/or heterotrophic, with peptidoglycan and lives everywhere![C]***

    i change my answer for this option thing

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    posted by Geno
  2. I'm sorry. I know nothing about science.

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    posted by Ms. Sue

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