A. A survey of 110 teachers showed that 28 of them have a second job.
B. A survey of 90 teachers showed that 27 of them have a second job.
C. A survey of 70 teachers showed that 21 of them have a second job.
D. A survey of 80 teachers showed that 32 of them have a second job.

In math class, 4 students complete individual surveys to determine the percentage of high school teachers that have a second job. Which two surveys show proportional results?
A) A and B
B) B and D
C) A and D
D) B and C


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  1. nope. 28/110 ≠ 32/80

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  2. d?

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  3. that's better

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  4. idk.....

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  5. i need help with that question too

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  6. usa test prep

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  7. a?

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