8th Grade Algebra: Answer Check

Find the length of the 3rd side of each right triangle.

1. 8^2+15^2=c^2 Answer: c=17

2. 5^2+b^2=13^2 Answer: b=12

3. 9^2+13^2=c^2 Answer: c~15.81

Simplify. Assume that all variables are nonnegative.

{ this means square root

4. {12 Answer: 2{3

5. 2{75 Answer: 10{3

6. -3{72 Answer: -18{2

7. {200 Answer: 10{2

8. {3x^2 Answer: 3x

9. {3{18 Answer: 3{6

10. {5{10 Answer: 5{2

11. {15{6 Answer: 3{10

12. {3{27 Answer: 9

13. {18{14x Answer: 6{7x

14. {12{18 Answer: 6{6

15. {2/{5 Answer: {10/5

16. {75/{15 Answer: {5

17. 2/{2 Answer: {2

18. {9/{100 Answer: 3/10

19. -{49/{100 Answer: -7/10

20. {27/{75 Answer 3/5

If I get any of these wrong, can someone please show me how to them correctly ?

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asked by Joy
  1. good job, I agree with all of them

    posted by Reiny
  2. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 are ok.
    8. sqrt (3x^2) = x*sqrt(3) Check that.
    9,10,11 ok.
    sqrt(3)*sqrt(27) = sqrt 3*sqrt(3*9)
    9*sqrt(9) = 9*3= 27. Check that.

    check 15. I think you just wrote it wrong. I get 1/5*sqrt(10). Check that.
    The others look ok.

    posted by DrBob222
  3. I goofed on 12. It's ok.

    posted by DrBob222
  4. Thank you both!

    posted by Joy
  5. I agree with DrBob

    I should have checked them a bit less superficially.

    posted by Reiny

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