name 2 jobs for Native American boys & 2 jobs for the girls.

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You do not mention if you mean volunteer or paying jobs. Just think about things teenagers, etc. can do in any group. Native Americans respect the land so many of them would prefer working in certain fields.

Volunteer jobs should not be discounted, because it is "on the job training" and before the job terminates, a letter of recommendation is a good thing to have in hand for the future.

Here are some ideas, not specifically for one gender rather than the other:
mentoring younger chilcren (child-care, guiding "camp" activities, even reading to young children)
community service, especially helping during a disaster
agriculture, forestry, fishing, or working with animals (perhaps for a veterinarian)

Fortunately there are some good Native American Boys and Girls Clubs helping to train tribe members.

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asked by Daniel

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