a) I can't find anything about the Electoral college being described in the Constitution? (My teacher said there are two parts)

Is there a section in the Constitution where it describes the checks and balance system? I need to find out where each branch holds a power over another branch.

a)Power the execcutive branch has over the legislative branch? -> veto Congress
Article/section: ?

b))Power the execcutive branch has over the judicial branch? -> appoints judges
Article/section: ?

c))Power the legislative branch has over the executive branch? -> override Presidential veto
Article/section: ?

d) Power the legislative branch has over the judical branch? -> approves federal judges
Article/section: ?

e) Power the judical branch has over the executive branch? -> Judical Review
Article/section: ?

f) Power the judical branch has over the legislative branch -> Judical Review
Article/section: ?

I searched Google with these three words: Constitution Electoral College. The first site is this one.


It has links to the two parts about the Electoral College -- Article 2, Section 1, clauses 2 and 3, and the 12th Amendment.

I suggest you Google your other questions in the same way. If you still have a question you can't find, please post another message here.

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asked by Sarah

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