A certain paint is to be mixed with 3 parts yellow to 2 parts blue. Twelve gallons of mixed paint are needed.

How many gallons of blue must be used?

asked by Anonymous
  1. This is a proportional reasoning question.
    The proportion is blue/total paint=blue/total paint
    so the question gave you
    2blue/(5 total from 2blue+3yellow) and you are asked How many blue for 12 gallons.
    So 2/5=BLUE/12
    and solve : )

    posted by John
  2. X gal. of blue.
    3x/2 = 1.5x gal. of yel.

    x + 1.5x = 12.

    posted by Henry
  3. Yes, both ways have the same answer : )

    posted by MsPi_3.14159265

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