A librarian is expanding some sections of the city library. He buys books at a special price from a dealer who charges one price for any hardback book and another price for any paperback book. For the children's section, Mr. Shah purchased 31 new hardcover books and 35 new paperback books, which cost a total of $613. He also purchased 38 new hardcover books and 85 new paperback books for the adult fiction section, spending a total of $1,004. What is the special price for each type of book?

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  1. The grade 10 curriculum has this as a two equations in 2 unknowns system of equations.
    Let x be the hardback books and y the paperbacks.
    31x + 35y = 613
    38x + 85y = (1004 - 613)
    I would suggest using "elimination method" to solve for y.
    Mult equation 1 by -38, and multiply equation 2 by 31 and then add the two equations together.
    is this enough of a hint??

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  2. Yes , thank you so much!

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