1. The cerebellum and the medulla are also part of the _____.
a. occipital lobe
b. unconscious brain***
c. hypothalamus
d. vertebrae

2. Which part of the brain connects/separates the right and left cerebral hemispheres?
a. vertebrae
b. Broca's area
c. Wernicke's area
d. corpus callosum***

3. The ring shaped bones surrounding the spinal cord are called _____.
a. corpus callosum
b. parietals***
c. vertebrae
d. occipital lobes

4. Which part of the brain's left hemisphere is responsible for speaking ability?
a. frontal lobe
b. Broca's area***
c. Wernicke's area
d. parietal lobe

5. Which part of the brain is referred to as the seat of consciousness?
a. cerebellum
b. brain stem***
c. thalamus
d. cerebrum

6. A patient finds that he is able to read the name of an object, yet he cannot visualize what it is. Based on your knowledge of the function of the different areas of the brain, choose the best explanation of this phenomenon.
a. this patient is an epileptic.
b. both hemispheres of this patient's brain are malfunctioning.
c. the Broca's area of this patient's brain has been damaged.***
d. the two hemispheres of this patient's brain are not communicating.

7. Which of the following scenarios best answers the following question:
If a patient damages the Broca's area of the brain, what effect would this have on the Wernicke's area?
a. the patient would be able to say the word "mother" but would not understand what it means.***
b. the patient would be able to understand the word "mother" but would not be able to say it.
c. the patient would be able to understand the word "mother" but would not be able to remember he had said it 10 minutes later.
d. the patient would be able to say the word "mother" but would not be able to remember his or her own mother.

8. The ____ lobe of the brain is responsible for vision.
a. temporal
b. hypothalamus
c. occipital***
d. parietal

9. The _____ lobe of the brain is responsible for receiving auditory signals.
a. occipital
b. temporal***
c. parietal
d. hypothalamus

10. The ____ regulates homeostasis.
a. medulla oblongata
b. thalamus
c. pons
d. hypothalamus***

Please check my answers, thanks so much.

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  1. Agree with all except 3, 5 and 6.

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  2. Thank you, is 3 occipital lobes? is 5 cerebrum? and is 6 d? thanks again

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  3. Agree with 6. Are you just guessing? Consult your text or Google the terms.

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  4. 3. C
    5. D
    6. D
    and 7 wasn't right either it was B
    thanks for your help :)

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  5. I apologize. I misread 7, reversing the two areas.

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  6. Ok…#4 is not D.

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  7. 4 is d

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