Which of the following are trigonometric identities? Select all that apply (there are 3 answers).
A cos^2(theta)=sin^2(theta)-1
B sin(theta)=1/csc(theta)
C sec(theta)=1/cot(theta)
D cot(theta)=cos/sin(theta)
E 1+cot^2(theta)=csc^2(theta)

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  1. The correct relations are listed in your textbook or in your notes.
    They are easy to look up

    Let me know which ones you think do apply.

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  2. There is no textbook for this course.

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  3. But I believe it's B, C and D

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  4. Only B is correct in your choices.

    What are your resources for this major topic if you don't have a textbook ?

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