Can someone check my work?
Which was a result of the long-term struggles in postcolonial Africa?
diverse economies (This one)
low population growth

Which was an impact of the Opium War on China?
eliminated foreign trade of opium (this one)
exposed Chinese military inferiority
ended foreign powers’ treaty ports
abolished foreign industrial jobs

Which is not a long-term struggle of the postcolonial era in India?
extensive inefficiency of central government bureaucracy (this one)
lack of basic infrastructure in order to fully industrialize
inability to balance population growth with economic growth
constant interethnic and interfaith conflict among citizens

Which was a cause of Bloody Sunday?
closure of the national parliament
labor unrest over factory conditions (This one)
assassination of Tsar Alexander II
emancipation of Russian serfs

I chose my answers for these, could someone let me know if they are right?

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asked by anonymouss
  1. Actually, for the third one I think it is answer B.

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    posted by anonymouss
  2. 3 B is correct.

    The other answers are wrong.


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