what impact did world war 1 have on russia?
a. russias high casualty rate led czar nicholas to abandon the war effort to save civilians lives
b. russias shattetrf economy forced the sale of territory to finacne its war efforts on the estern front
c. russias losses in world war 1 les to riots and protests forcing czar nicholas ll to abdicate
d. russias territorial losses in the baltic region led it to sign the verdailles treaty to end its involvement

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  1. No. Please read your text. Do not make your guesses public.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Yeah Ms Sue because a STUDENT answering a question incorrectly is an guess. Probably Ms. for a reason jus sayin

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  3. I love it mdub1303

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  4. this sight helps me get EZ Dubs on my tests.

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  5. What in the actual hell Ms. Sue, ya maniac, maybe you have to be on this website cause your not aloud an actual job with students face to face, you'd be written up and fired if you made a comment like that to a student in a public school.

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  6. So what is the answer, seriously we come here so we don't have to do the work ourselves!!!

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  7. So what's the answer?

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  8. anyone got the answer?

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  9. The answer is c, for future reference

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