which factors influenced the growth of
the ranching industry? select all that

* American Indians were driven out of the
North Texas Plains.

* More cattle trails were developed.

* Ranchers received ownership rights.

* Barbed wire was invented.

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  1. Barbed wire is one....I think more cattle trails were developed.

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  2. Why not just use the study guide provided for you? All of the quizzes and tests are open note!

    Also, posting questions from published curriculum onto a site like this: #1 a copyright infringement (illegal), and #2 violates the honor code you signed when you enrolled in the school.

    Call your teacher, ask for help and use your study guide. #nocheaters

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  3. bruh copying and pasting that is not illegal because he's not copying it and selling it and its not the whole thing and also not all schools sign an honor code I know that because I didn't sign one and there is no rule against getting help on this sight

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  4. American indians is one, cattle trails, is one, and then its barbed wire'

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