What impact did the collapse of the Napoleonic Empire have on Europe?

The collapse of Napoleon's empire promoted international trade and led to the rise of the European Union

The fall of Napoleon and the spread of ideas from the French Revolution led to a rise in nationalism in many European nations

The end of the Napoleonic Empire created a power vacuum that led to the domination of Germany by an imperial power

Napoleon's fall cause revolutions in French colonies that led to the end of imperialism on a global scale and a reduction in European economic power

Is it B?

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  1. The European Union is post World War 2.
    What imperial power dominated Germany after Napoleon? Perhaps their own ?
    It means like the loss by France of Vietnam and Algeria which many of us lived through?
    You are left with your choice I think.

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  2. It makes the most sense, and I got it right. Thank you :)

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  3. Which one is iit???

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  4. its b

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  5. The answer is B.:)

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