How sensitive to changes in water temperature are coral reefs? To find out, scientists examined data on sea surface temperatures and coral growth per year at locations in the Red Sea.

Here are the data:
Sea surface temperature 29.71 29.84 30.31 29.66 30.47 30.64 30.93
Growth 2.63 2.58 2.61 2.47 2.27 2.39 2.26
Use your calculator to find:
The mean (± 0.0001) and standard deviation (± 0.0001) for sea surface temperature:
x¯¯¯=____ sx=_____
The mean (±0.0001) and standard deviation (± 0.0001) for coral growth:
y¯¯¯=______ sy=______
The correlation (± 0.0001)r =______
The slope (± 0.01) of the equation of the least-squares regression line is b =_____

and the intercept is (± 0.01) a =_____

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  1. We do not do your homework for you. Although it might take more effort to do the work on your own, you will profit more from your effort. We will be happy to evaluate your work though.

    However, I will start you out.

    Find the mean first = sum of scores/number of scores

    Subtract each of the scores from the mean and square each difference. Find the sum of these squares. Divide that by the number of scores to get variance.

    Standard deviation = square root of variance

    I'll let you do the calculations.

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