Please check my answers!

1. A(n) ______ is an agent that causes disease.
a) stressor
b) pathogen*
c) addiction
d) drug

2. Symptoms of an STI include (select all that apply)
a) sneezing
b) !@#$%^&l or urethral discharge*
c) there may be no symptoms*
d) upset stomach*

3. Ways to avoid contracting an STI include (select all that apply)
a) choosing abstinence*
b) avoid kissing
c) avoid drugs/sharing needles*
d) choosing good friends*

Any corrections needed would be great! Thanks :)

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asked by Emma
  1. Whoops sorry there are only two answers for number two, which I think are B and C??

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    posted by Emma
  2. 2. I disagree with one of your answers.

    Should 3 only have two answers?

    I agree with 1 and at least 2 of 3 for 3.

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  3. B

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