A quadrilateral has vertices (2, 0), (0, -2), (-2, 4), (-4, 2). Which special quadrilateral is formed by connecting the midpoints of the sides?

a. kite
b. rectangle
c. trapezoid
b. rhombus

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  1. Have you graphed these? Then mark the midpoints, and graph that? Opposite sides parallel and equal?

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  2. DRAW IT !!!
    The original was a rectangle.
    The final is a special kite shape with all sides the same length. { sqrt(10) }

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  3. Now what do you call a kite shape with all sides equal?

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  4. Well, I believe I may help. If you graph the points given here, then use the midpoint formula, you find the midpoints. Connect the midpoints like connect the dots and boom. You have d. Rhombus

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  5. The answers are:

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