I am three years younger than my brother, and i am 2 years older than my sister. My mom's age is one less than three times my brother's age. When you add all our ages, you get 87. What are our ages?

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  1. brother's age -- x
    my age --- x-3
    sisters age --- x-5
    mom's age ---- 3x-1

    x + x-3 + x-5 + 3x-1 = 87
    6x = 96
    x = 16
    sub back into my defitions

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  2. Thank you!!! This helped a lot!

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  3. I'm sorry, but this answer is incorrect. It was not helpful. The 'My Age' is actually x and your equation is also incorrect.

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  4. This is the correct equation: (x)+(x+3)+(x−2)+3(x+3)−1=87
    Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you!

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  5. Also, here is the correct answer:
    My age is 13
    My brother's age is x+3= 13+3 = 16
    My sister's age is x-2=13-2=11
    My mother's age is 3(x+3)-1=3(13+3)-1=47

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    She was correct in the first place

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  7. The answer is 13 I did out the math, the first answer added nine instead of subtracting that's why it was 96, not 78 (the correct one)

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  8. you guys are all so

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  9. Your all wrong the answer is toothpaste.

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  10. I don't even know what's right anymore......

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