I need help..
If the train contained 42 gallons of ice cream at the tempurature of thrity two degrees and the train ran at 12 miles per hour and the train starts from Los Angeles an was making a stop at Phillipines. If the country of Phillipines demand the ice cream came at 12:00 pm without it being completly melt and the train starts at 5:00 pm, will the train make it? Why or why not?

No. A train won't go from LA to the Phillipines. I honestly think that's a trick question.


By the way, The Philipines is located about 7500 miles from LA.
( )

So let's assume they DID have a train track going there, just for the sake of the discussion.

7500 miles divided by 12 Miles/hour - it would take 625 hours, or about 26 days. No way could they get the ice cream in time if they wanted it in 17 hours. It would be 608 hours late. They would NOT be happy. :)


Did they give you that question on April 1 ??

i really need help with my mATH

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