Social Studies

1) This image shows a crowd in Boston protesting the return of an enslaved person to Virginia. What opinion did members of this crowd most likely share?
They supported slavery in Virginia.
They believed slavery should be expanded to the West.
They opposed slavery in Massachusetts. ***
They believed all people should have equal rights.

3) The Free-Soil Party was a precursor to which political party?
Know Nothing Party
Whig Party ***
Republican Party
Copperhead Party

4) According to Dred Scott's lawsuit, how had his rights been violated?
He had been forced to move against his will to different places.
He was not allowed to talk to a lawyer to prepare for his case.
He was kept as a slave even though he lived in free territory. ***
His ownership had been transferred without his agreement.

5) After the Dred Scott decision, Frederick Douglass said he sought to have Americans live up to
the principles of the Constitution. What did he believe prevented Americans from living up to
the Constitution?
manifest destiny
popular sovereignty
slavery ***

6) What did the actions of the Border Ruffians demonstrate about the slavery debate? Select all
that apply.
that opposing sides would resort to violence***
that abolitionists would triumph by using the press
that settlers would follow the laws ***
that compromises would not solve the debate

7)Which of the following led to some Northerners labeling John Brown as a martyr?
Brown's appearance of being insane and the failure of his raid
Brown's acceptance of giving up his life for his beliefs***
Brown's desire to organize and carry out a slave revolt
Brown's persistence when fighting back against Southern troops

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  1. 1.yes
    I'm not sure about 6 and 7

    I also saw that you did not have question 2 I can help on that one also if you need help on it

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  2. 6. a,yes c,no

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  3. 7.c looks like the best answer to me but I could be wrong

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  4. you guys are no help

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  5. 1. C
    2. D
    3. C
    4. C
    5. A
    6. A,D
    7. B
    These are the only answers I Know for Social Studies Lesson 8 Unit 3 The Civil War for Connexus and I know that the test has 22 and if u some one needs help with it let me know

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  6. 8. Is also c 😊

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  7. all i know for suure that 1. is a i will post the answers soon.

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