feedback on metaphor poem please
I am the hot chocolate on a cold, rainy day.
I am bright yellow, bursting with joy.
I am the sun, brightly glowing.
I am the basket of treats on Easter morning.
I am the shopping spree, so much fun.
I am the project finally done.
I am M on the M&M’s candy.
I am the beach, warm and sandy.
I am a vacation to New York City.
I am
I am fun!
i don't know what to write on the last line please help?

I am the new shirt, long awaited


Or something like that -- I like how you've made them all so positive and upbeat.


I love the positive and upbeat rhythm as well. I personally would have ended the poem with I am and left that the end of it.

i have to end it with i am fun but thanks and do you have any ideas for the line after New york city i can change the place if i need to

I am the Statue of Liberty? maybe add with justice for all?

I really like the "I am" That is positive! and says a lot!

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