Java programming

A method can be directly or indirectly recursive and we will explore the differences. Discuss how and why would you trace a recursive method.

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asked by Poohboi
  1. I am extremely confused as to how to proceed.

    Now create another class called WaterBill. Write a method called print() for this class that displays water bills. Your method takes three parameters: an integer account number, a character use code, and a double representing the gallons of water used. The output from your method should include the account number, message indicating the type of usage, and the amount of money due from the user.
    The water rates vary depending on the type of usage. A code of H means home use, a code of C means commercial use, and a code of I means industrial use. Any other code value should be treated as an error. Water rates are computed as follows:
    Code H: Code C:
    Code I:
    $5.00 plus $0.005 per gallon
    $1000.00 for the first 4 million gallons used plus
    $0.025 for each additional gallon used
    $1000.00 if usage does not exceed 4 million gallons
    $2000.00 is usage is between 4 million and 10 million gallons $3000.00 is 10 million gallons or more

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    posted by Meg
  2. Shoot, I just realized this is a question. I'm dumb lmao sorry

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    posted by Meg

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